How to Rearrange Songs in a Playlist on YouTube

You’ve got a playlist of songs that you love, but they don’t flow together.

You’re not alone—the YouTube community has been asking this question for years.

But with our tips and tricks, we can work together to make sure your playlists are organized and sound great!

1. Drag and drop.

You can drag and drop video clips from one playlist to another, or move an entire playlist from one account to another.

To rearrange songs in a playlist, click on the “Playlist” button at the top of the screen, then click “playlists” and select the one you’d like to edit.

Click on any song that you’d like to move around within your playlist, then drag it into its new position via its thumbnail image (or title).

2. Click “Options” next to a song. Section

The “Options” icon is located in the top right corner of each video, next to its title and duration.

It looks like a gear, so you can’t miss it!


3. Right-click a song or video in the playlist.

To move a song or video to the top of your Playlist:

  • Right-click on the song or video within your playlist.
  • Select “Move to Top” to move it all the way up, or “Move Up” if you want to place it higher than its current position.

To move a song or video to the bottom of your playlist:

  • Right-click on the song or video within your playlist.
  • Select “Move Down” if you want to place it lower than its current position, or “Move Down One Level” if you want just one step lower (this won’t work if there are no other videos in between).

4. Right-click on the playlist.

  • Right-click on the playlist.
  • Select “Move to” and then choose from the options that appear, such as Move Up or Move Down.

5. Create a temporary playlist.

To move songs from one playlist to another, you need to create a temporary playlist and then move the songs into it.

Follow these steps:

  • Open YouTube and find the video or search for one that you want to add to your new playlist.
  • Click the three-dot menu button next to the video title and select Add To Playlist > [Playlist Name]. A check mark will appear next to the title of each song you added.


So there you have it, five different ways to rearrange songs in a playlist on YouTube.

We hope this article has been helpful.


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