Do Playlist Views Count on YouTube?

One thing that can help you get more views on a YouTube playlist is to make sure it’s public.

When you create a playlist, the default setting is private.

To set your playlist to the public, go to its page and click Edit Settings in the top right corner of the screen. In that menu, select “Public on YouTube.”

If you want people to find your playlists easily, make sure they’re easy for viewers to find! This means linking them from places like:

  • Your channel page
  • Other videos (not just from within the video—you can link this way too!)
  • Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter
  • On other websites

How to get more views on a YouTube playlist?

A playlist with a great title, description, and tags is the first step to getting more views on your YouTube channel. But what else can you do? Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure that you have good video thumbnails for every video in the playlist. If your thumbnails look unprofessional or if they don’t have any relation to the content of the video then users will not click on them.
  2. Create a playlist on specific categories such as “Prayers” or “Motivational Videos” so that people looking for these kinds of videos can easily find yours among others.
  3. Use keywords related to your niche so that people searching for those keywords will be able to find your playlists easily and subscribe!

Do playlists count toward your view count?

That is a great question.

YouTube playlists are designed to help subscribers find new content from their favorite creators. To do so, they provide two main ways: 1) by making it easier for users to find related videos; 2) by giving them a place to discover videos from different channels all in one place (the playlist creator’s channel).

When someone adds a video to a playlist, YouTube will automatically recommend the rest of the videos in that playlist for you to watch as well because we know that people often like similar content from other creators too!

Thus, if your goal is to maximize views on YouTube then using playlists is definitely something worth doing because they offer an easy way for viewers who have already watched some of your videos before watching even more of them which means more chances at getting discovered by new users.

Why does my YouTube playlist not have any views yet?

  • Make sure your channel is public. You can choose to make your channel private so that only subscribers will be able to see it. If you do this, then no one else will be able to see the playlist at all—not even other people who are subscribed to you!
  • Make sure you’re sharing the right thing. For example: if your playlist includes videos from different creators on YouTube (and not just yours), then make sure they’re all linked properly in their own channels and playlists.
  • Check whether or not it’s actually been uploaded yet. Sometimes when you upload a video or playlist, it won’t appear on YouTube until 24 hours later—so check back after that time has passed! It might still be waiting for approval by someone at YouTube HQ.

Can I make money from my YouTube channel with playlists?

In short: no, playlist views do not directly affect your channel’s monetization status.

YouTube does not currently have a mechanism for directly paying creators based on the number of times their videos are seen in playlists.

However, you can still make money from your YouTube channel with playlists. Playlist views can increase your channel’s watch time and help you grow your audience.

This means that if the videos that are included in a playlist are high-quality content that viewers enjoy watching, then you will benefit from the viewership by way of increased watch time and greater subscriber growth over time—two factors that help determine whether or not you will be eligible for monetization of your videos.


The key to getting more views on your YouTube channel is very simple: create content that people want to watch.

If you keep creating videos that are interesting and relevant, your audience will grow naturally over time.

If you want to boost the number of views on one particular video or playlist, then there are a few things you can try such as promoting it on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook where other users may not have heard about it yet


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