Can You Make a Playlist for Your K-Pop Bias?

If you’re a K-pop fan, it’s not uncommon to have a favorite member of an idol group.

Maybe you’re into their fashion sense, or maybe they make your heart melt with their smiles.

If you’ve got a K-pop bias and want to make sure that they know how much they mean to you, why not create a playlist for them?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy — just some songs that make your heart flutter when you hear them.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect playlist for your bias:

Can You Make a Playlist for Your K-Pop Bias?

You’ve found the perfect K-Pop song for your mood.

You know exactly how you want to feel when you hear it and are ready to press play.

But wait—what if your favorite artist has released multiple albums, and each one has its own distinct vibe?

If this is the case, then an even better question to ask yourself is: How many playlists should I make?

The answer depends on what type of music listener you are and which artists do (or don’t) have similar sounds across their discographies.

If they do all sound alike, then go ahead and make one playlist for the artist!

If not, think about how different genres might impact your moods during different times of day or activities such as driving or working out at the gym.

Then go ahead and create separate playlists for those occasions as well!

What Does Your K-Pop Playlist Say About You?

Word of caution: If you’re planning on making a playlist for someone else, be prepared for an inevitable change in the order of bias.

You may start off with one artist at the top and end up somewhere completely different.

How do you decide what songs to put into a k-pop playlist?

This is something only you can answer!

There are no perfect answers or rules—it’s all about what speaks to you at that moment.

If there are certain songs that make your heart race or bring back memories of seeing them live and hearing their voices fill up an arena, those are good places to start building a list.

It’s also important to think about why each track was chosen; was it because it reminded me so much of my bias that I felt like they were singing directly to me?

Or did I want something upbeat as background music while writing this article (that would be “R U Ready”?).

What are some good tracks to put on my K-Pop Playlist?

What Do You Listen to While Making a K-Pop Playlist?

To make a playlist, you’ll want to start by sitting down with your favorite songs and a pen.

Go through each one and think about what it is that makes the song so great.

If there are lyrics you love, write them down on paper—you can use those as a starting point for creating the mood of your playlist.

If there are certain instruments or melodies that really speak to you, include those in your playlist too!

When I did this exercise myself, I found it helpful to have multiple copies of the same track on my phone because then I could listen over and over again without having to wait for downloads or playlists to sync up.

Once you have all these different tracks written down as separate entities from one another (i.e., not just “song 1″), look at what kind of mood they create when put together under one title like “Playlist for Your K-Pop Bias” or whatever else comes up when making playlists!

If there are three songs by different artists but they all sound similar due to instrumentation or genre similarity—like if they were all pop rock ballads—then maybe these aren’t necessarily best suited together after all.”

How Do You Decide Which Songs to Put Into a K-pop playlist?

When deciding which songs to include in your playlist, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions.

How does the song make you feel?

What does the song mean to you? What is the song about?

How does the song make you feel about your bias?

For example, let’s say that there’s a particular K-pop rapper who loves writing songs about his girlfriend and how much he adores her.

If that’s true, then picking up some of his slower love ballads would be perfect for an emotional playlist.

Similarly, if there was another rapper whose lyrics revolved around partying and having fun with friends at clubs every weekend – this person probably wouldn’t appreciate including any slow-paced love songs on their playlist either!


Making a K-pop playlist is an exciting but challenging task.

You have to decide whether or not to include ballads, bangers, or any other type of music.

If you’re struggling with what songs should be included in your list, we hope this article has helped guide you on the right path!


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