If I Make a Spotify Playlist Public, Can People Edit My Playlist?

If you’re a Spotify user, chances are you’ve made playlists.

Perhaps you’ve even made a few public for friends and family to listen to and rate.

However, if you’re like me, there’s one question that keeps popping into your head: can someone edit my playlist?

As it turns out, this is an important question to ask if you’re thinking about making your own public Spotify playlist with the hopes of other people being able to add or remove songs.

If I make a Spotify playlist public, can people edit my playlist?

If you don’t want other people to be able to edit your playlist, then make sure it is not public.

You will be able to see who added songs to the playlist and remove them from the list if needed.

If someone adds a song that is not on your device and tries to add it, Spotify will give an error message saying “this content cannot be played on this device.”

The only way for them to add this content would be by buying it themselves and downloading it onto their computer/device as well.

Can people add songs to my playlist if I make it public?

You can make your playlist public and people will be able to add their own songs to it.

You’ll see their additions when you look at the playlist, but they won’t show up in the order you originally put them in.

If someone adds a song that doesn’t fit with the rest of your selections, you can remove it if you don’t like it—the person who made the edit will get a message telling them that their contribution has been removed from your collection.

You can also add new songs yourself when making a public playlist:

  1. Open up Spotify on another device (your phone or computer), and search for any song or artist you want to be included.
  2. Click on “Add To Playlist” followed by “Playlists” and finally select yours from its name. This way of adding music is great for maintaining control over exactly what goes into each individual piece of content since there’s no chance anyone else will change what you’ve added; however, because this method requires accessing Spotify through another device instead of just through web browser screens where all other settings are located (also known as a desktop mode), there may be some lag time between clicking “add” versus seeing something appear within said playlist section (especially if doing so while using mobile data).

Finally remember that once something is shared publicly via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (which happen automatically when first publishing anything online), there’s no way back whatsoever so please keep this fact foremost in mind before sharing anything ever again!

Can I stop people from adding songs to my playlist if it’s public?

Yes, you can stop people from adding songs to your playlist if it’s public.

However, this will only work if you turn off the “Allow others to add songs” setting in the “Sharing” section of the Spotify app.

This setting is located under Settings > Sharing & Privacy > Public Playlists and Privacy.

You’ll see a toggle button for “Allow others to add songs.”

Toggle that switch off, and no one else can add anything new to your playlist!

How do I make a Spotify playlist private again once I’ve made it public?

If you want to make a playlist private again, it’s very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Spotify app, then click on [Playlists].
  • Select the playlist you want to make private.
  • Click on [Edit] in the top right corner of the page that appears when you select your playlist (or tap on its name if you’re browsing via mobile).
  • Click on [Make Private] at the bottom of this screen.

How do I know who else has access to a shared playlist?

You can see how many people have access to your playlist by clicking on the name of the playlist.

Under “Access,” you’ll see a list of everyone who has access to that specific shared playlist.

If someone is listed as “Moderator” (you can tell by an icon next to their name), then they are allowed to edit the name and add songs, remove songs, and so on.

What happens if someone adds a song to my shared playlist that I don’t want there?

If you don’t want a song in your shared playlist, you can remove it yourself.

You can also remove the song from the shared playlist if you have editing permissions by long-pressing on it and hitting “Remove” in the menu that pops up.

If you make a change to another person’s shared playlist, they’ll be notified of the changes so they have an opportunity to update their copy of the playlist if they wish.

If you’re having trouble with someone else editing or deleting songs from your Spotify Playlist, report them for abuse by going into their profile, selecting one of their albums or playlists, and tapping Report Abuse under Actions on Android devices or Reporting Abuse under Actions on iPhone/iPad devices (you will need to log into Facebook first).

This option is available only if there are no explicit lyrics in any songs from this user’s account.

What happens if someone removes a song from my shared playlist that I do want there?

If someone has removed a song from your shared playlist that you do not want them to have, you will have to remove it from your playlist.

The other person will not be able to delete it from their side of the shared playlist, but they can add it again if they want to.

How do I share my Spotify playlists with others?

If you want to share your Spotify playlist with family, friends, and colleagues, here’s how:

  1. Go to the playlist you want to share.
  2. Click on the share button below the cover art for that playlist.
  3. Choose who you want to share with (the more people who have access, the more likely someone will be able to listen).
  4. Decide how they’ll access it (via email or text message)


We hope this has helped you understand how to share your Spotify playlists with others.

If you want to make sure that you don’t accidentally share something, simply go into the settings and change the privacy level of your playlist.

This will ensure that only people who have access to it can see what songs are in there or add songs to it.

If you do share a playlist with someone else, be sure they know that they may not be able to remove any songs from it once they’ve added them!


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