Why Won’t the “and More” Option Work on My Spotify Playlists?

When you’re making a playlist, the “and More” option is there to give you more options.

It’s not supposed to work like that.

You shouldn’t use it as an actual “and more” button.

If you’ve ever wondered why that option doesn’t seem to work on your Spotify playlists as it should, this guide will explain exactly what’s going on and how to fix it!

1. The “and More” Option is a Spotify Premium Feature

To use the “and more” option, you need to be a subscriber.

The free trial is probably what you’re using right now, but if you’d like to continue listening to your “and more” playlists after the trial ends, it’s easy!

If you already have an account and are not a premium member:

  1. Go to and log in with your email and password
  2. Click on ‘My Subscriptions’ from the top menu bar of the page
  3. From here, click on ‘Manage’ next to Spotify Premium (make sure that this is selected; otherwise go back up one step)

2. You’re Using the “and More” Option on a Free Account

For the most part, you should only use the “and more” option on playlists that have less than 2,000 songs.

However, there is one other scenario where you might not be able to use it: if you’re using a free account.

If this sounds like your situation (you’ve got enough playlists with more than 2,000 songs), then let me explain what’s going on here.

“and more” lets you add up to 5 additional tracks from a specific artist or album—but only if those tracks aren’t already in your playlist.

The good news is that upgrading your account is easy! Just log into Spotify from any computer or mobile device (if available), navigate to Settings > Account > Subscription Plans & Prices, then click Upgrade Now next to the plan labeled “Spotify Premium.”

From here on out all of your playlists will be able to take advantage of this feature without having too many extraneous songs get added to them unnecessarily!

3. Your Playlist Has Too Many Songs in It

If you’re thinking about adding more songs to a playlist, but the “and More” option isn’t working for you, there are a few things to check.

First of all, make sure that your playlist is under 100 songs.

If it has more than 100 songs in it, then you won’t be able to add any new ones—you can only delete old ones from the list (which is where the “and More” option comes in handy).

If that doesn’t solve your problem and it turns out that you have an empty playlist with no remaining space for new tracks?

Well…that’s actually not a problem at all! You can simply create a brand new one and start over again!

4. Your Playlist Has Too Few Songs in It

This is the most likely reason for the “and More” option not working on your Playlist.

Spotify requires that you have at least five songs in a playlist before you can add an additional song to it.

So, if you need to add more than one or two songs to your playlist at a time, try doing this in batches instead of all at once: You can always come back and add more later!

5. You Have Not Set up an Account for the Artist or Album You Want to Add to Your Playlist

This is the most likely reason why you won’t be able to add an artist or album to your playlist.

If you have not set up an account for the artist or album you want to add, then you won’t be able to add them.

You must create at least one Spotify account in order to use it – and this applies whether you are a free user or not (although there are some differences).

6. You Have Not Set up an Account for the Artist or Album You Want to Add to Your Playlist and They Are Not Available on Spotify

If the artist or album you want to add to your playlist isn’t available on Spotify, your only option is to manually add them.

You can do this by searching for them in the search bar or adding a direct link.

If the song does not appear in either of those places, it will be impossible for you to add it directly from there.

7. Only One Person Can Add Songs to a Playlist at a Time

You can only add songs to the playlist while no one else is adding songs to it.

If someone else has already added some of their songs, you’ll be prevented from doing so until they stop adding more tracks.

If several people are listening to the same playlist, only one person can add new songs at a time.

If you want to create a collaborative playlist where everyone contributes their favorite artists and/or albums, we recommend setting up a shared Google Doc spreadsheet instead of trying to do so with Spotify.


Even if you’re not a Premium subscriber, there are plenty of ways to add music to your playlists.

Just make sure that the songs or albums you want to add are available on Spotify before adding them to your playlist and don’t hesitate to contact support if something doesn’t work right away!

We hope this article gave you some tips on how not only to get started with making playlists but also why they work so well for organizing music in general.



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