Can You Create a Playlist for a Special Someone?

Whether you’re looking for a way to spend more time with the people you love, or just want to find a new way to express your affection, creating playlists can be a fun and rewarding process.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to make playlists for everyone from family members and friends to significant others.

How to create a playlist for your crush

Creating a playlist for someone you’re interested in is a great way to let them know how much you care.

It can also be a fun way to get to know each other better—especially if they share their favorites with you!

To make sure your playlist says exactly what you want it to, consider including songs that represent aspects of your relationship.

For example:

  1. If this person has shown you their silly side, include some lighthearted songs that make them smile.
  2. If they make good decisions and are easygoing about things, include some upbeat music that is upbeat and easygoing as well.
  3. If they do creative work like art or writing, include tracks from artists whose work inspires them (even if it’s not music).

If there are specific qualities or characteristics that really stand out when thinking about this special person in your life—whether it’s the way they look at the world around them or just how sweetly they smile when laughing at silly jokes—try finding music that evokes those feelings too!

How to create a playlist for your mom

You can make a playlist for your mom to show her how much you love her.

To do this, choose songs that make you think of her and that she will enjoy hearing.

Try not to include too many sappy songs with lyrics about loving your mother or about being grateful for her sacrifices.

Instead, pick songs that are more lighthearted and fun:

  • Include songs by artists who are favorites of yours but also favorites of hers (e.g., if the two of you enjoy listening to Aretha Franklin together, include one of her songs on the playlist).
  • Include any other kinds of music that she likes; just try not to put too many sad ballads on it! Don’t forget about pop music—your mom may be a huge fan!

How to create a playlist for your dad

Now that you know what kind of music your dad likes, it’s time to make a playlist.

First, think about his age. If he’s younger than 30, he might be into EDM or hip hop; if he’s older than 30, he’ll probably like classic rock or country music (or both).

Next, consider whether his tastes are more mature or youthful.

If they’re more mature, maybe try some jazz or blues; if they’re more youthful: pop!

Now that you know what kind of music your dad likes and how old he is and where his taste lies on the spectrum between mature/youthful vs. classic/modern/alternative (if you even have such words in your local language), let’s make a playlist for him!

First up: What song should go first?

You could start with something from one of the genres I mentioned above—it will depend on whether this was part of our discussion beforehand—but another option is to start by choosing an artist whose work resonates most with both yourself and your dad (even if only one of those two parties has heard any of their songs).

How to create a playlist for your best friend

You can create a playlist for your friend and let them know how you feel without saying anything at all.

To create the perfect playlist for your best friend, start by thinking about what songs represent your friendship with each other.

Are there certain artists who are favorites? Or maybe there are certain musical genres that both of you enjoy listening together (like country music)?

Sometimes it can even be helpful if one person picks out some songs from their own collection so they don’t accidentally choose ones that don’t match well together—this could end up ruining otherwise good choices!

How to create a playlist for your best guy friend

The best way to create a playlist for your guy friend is to think about what you want to say through the music.

You may have lots of songs in mind, but before you add them, ask yourself why you’re making this playlist.

Is it because you want something romantic? Is it because he asked for one?

Or is it because he has helped you through some tough times and now it’s time to thank him with some tunes?

What type of music should be included?

Are there any specific genres that suit your friendship better than others (e.g., country versus jazz)?

What type of mood do the songs represent: upbeat or relaxed, loud or quiet—whatever fits best with what kind of relationship you have with him?

How to create a playlist for your best girlfriend

You’ll need to consider a few things when creating your playlist.

First, you should be sure to include songs that she likes! This is important because you want her to enjoy the gift and all of its emotional components.

Additionally, it’s important that you think about some characteristics of her personality and what kinds of songs would make her feel something in particular.

For example, if she’s an avid listener of pop music, then a song like “Lovestruck Baby” by Reba McEntire will probably make her laugh since it has such a silly title.

If your friend is more into country music, then “Gloryland Way” by The Kendalls might be perfect for him or her because the lyrics describe how much more wonderful heaven will be than earth—something that anyone who has ever contemplated their mortality could relate to!

How to create a playlist for your sister or brother

Start by choosing songs you both like.

Next, choose a few songs that you think they would love to hear.

Finally, throw in some tunes that you know they hate—make them laugh!

How to create a playlist for your cat or dog

If you want to make a playlist for your cat or dog, we have some suggestions for what kinds of songs you can include.

You’ll want to make sure that each song is short enough for them to enjoy and not become bored.

A good rule of thumb is that most animal videos that play on YouTube are less than ten seconds long, so try to keep your tracks in line with this length if possible (though there are exceptions).

You also won’t want any songs with lyrics in them because they may not understand what the song means and get confused or scared.

If there are any words at all in a track, it might be best just not to include them at all—it’s better safe than sorry!

For example: “Oh Christmas Tree” would work well while they eat their food since it doesn’t have any words but will still put everyone in a festive mood!


We hope that you learned something new about creating playlists for your friends and family.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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