Utilizing Spotify codes for playlists

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Asked on December 4, 2023 8:51 pm
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Sure, I can help with that. Spotify codes offer a brand new way for users to share and find the music they love. Here's how you can use Spotify codes for playlists:

1. **Finding Spotify Codes**: To pull up a Spotify Code, just tap the "..." context menu on the content you want to share. This could be a song, album, or playlist. The Spotify Code will be generated at the bottom of the album or playlist cover art that pops up.

2. **Sharing Spotify Codes**: To share a Spotify Code, just click on the "..." context menu. Then, click on 'Share' and then click on 'Spotify Code' to enlarge it. You can then screenshot, print or share this code.

3. **Scanning Spotify Codes**: To scan a Spotify Code, go to the search bar, tap the camera icon then point your camera at a Spotify Code, or press "Select from Photos" to choose a Spotify Code from your photo library.

4. **Using Spotify Codes from Screenshots**: If you have a screenshot of a Spotify Code, you can upload it directly from your device. Just tap on the camera icon located to the right of the Search bar, tap "Select from Photos," and choose the screenshot with the Spotify Code.

Remember, the person scanning the code will need to have the Spotify app installed on their device for the code to work.

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Answered on December 4, 2023 8:51 pm

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