Offline functionality of Spotify playlists

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Asked on December 5, 2023 5:46 am
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Yes, Spotify does offer offline functionality for their playlists. This feature is available for Premium users. Here are the steps to make a playlist available offline:

1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
2. Go to the playlist that you want to download for offline use.
3. Toggle the "Download" switch to the On position. It will turn green.
4. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet. Spotify will then download the songs from the playlist. The download progress will be shown on the screen.
5. Once the songs are downloaded, a green arrow will appear next to each song. This indicates that the song is available for offline use.

Remember, you must go online at least once every 30 days to keep your music and podcasts downloaded. This is so Spotify can collect play data to compensate artists appropriately.

Also, downloading songs, albums, or playlists on Spotify consumes a lot of data, so it's recommended to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network when downloading music.

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Answered on December 5, 2023 5:46 am

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