Installing the Playlist Loader addon for Kodi

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Asked on December 5, 2023 5:39 am
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Sure, I can guide you through the process of installing the Playlist Loader addon for Kodi. Please follow these steps:

1. Open Kodi and click on the gear icon to enter the System menu.

2. Go to File Manager, and then double-click on 'Add Source'.

3. In the new window, click on '', type the URL of the repo server, then select 'Done'.

4. Highlight the box underneath marked 'Enter a name for this media source', type a name you would like for the reference, then click 'OK'.

5. Go back to the Kodi main screen, and click on 'Add-ons'.

6. Click on the open box icon at the top of the menu bar (this is the Package Installer Icon).

7. Choose 'Install from Zip File'.

8. From the new window, select the repo you just added.

9. Wait for the repository to install. You'll get a notification when it's done.

10. Now, select 'Install from Repository', find your repo and open it.

11. Click on 'Video Add-ons', then find and select 'Playlist Loader'.

12. Click on 'Install'. Wait for the Add-on enabled notification.

Now, Playlist Loader should be installed and available to use. Enjoy your streaming!

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Answered on December 5, 2023 5:39 am

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