Finding out which hospital playlist character you resemble

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Asked on December 5, 2023 5:41 am
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That's a fun idea! To find out which "Hospital Playlist" character you resemble, you can consider your personality traits and compare them with the characters in the show. Here's a brief description of the main characters:

1. Lee Ik-jun: He's a charismatic, humorous, and caring person who is also a great friend. He's a general surgeon who is very passionate about his work.

2. Ahn Jeong-won: He's a warm-hearted and selfless pediatric surgeon who often puts others' needs before his own. He's also deeply religious.

3. Kim Jun-wan: He's a cardiothoracic surgeon who is quite serious and straightforward. He's very dedicated to his work and is known for his professionalism.

4. Yang Seok-hyeong: He's a quiet and introverted obstetrics and gynecology specialist who is very kind and caring. He's also a bit shy and prefers to keep to himself.

5. Chae Song-hwa: She's a neurosurgeon who is very intelligent, hardworking, and resilient. She's also a good listener and a reliable friend.

You can also take online quizzes that are designed to tell you which "Hospital Playlist" character you are most like. These quizzes usually ask you a series of questions about your personality and preferences, and then they match you with the character that you most resemble.

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