Exploring playlists with Automix support

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Automix is a feature that allows for seamless transitions between songs in a playlist. It's commonly used in DJ software and some music streaming platforms. Here's how you can explore playlists with Automix support on different platforms:

1. **Spotify**: Spotify doesn't explicitly support Automix, but it does have a similar feature called Crossfade. You can enable it in the settings under Playback. Once enabled, Spotify will automatically transition between songs in your playlist, creating a seamless listening experience.

2. **SoundCloud**: SoundCloud Go+ subscribers have access to a feature called DJ Mix, which automatically transitions between tracks in a playlist.

3. **Apple Music**: While Apple Music doesn't have an Automix feature, it does have a Crossfade option. You can find this in the settings under Playback.

4. **Tidal**: Tidal has a feature called Track Edit, which allows you to adjust the fade in and fade out of songs. This can create a seamless transition similar to Automix.

5. **DJ Software**: Most DJ software like Serato, Traktor, and Rekordbox have Automix features. These allow you to create playlists where the software automatically transitions between tracks.

Remember, the availability of these features can vary based on your location and subscription level.

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