Creating and sharing TikTok playlists

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Asked on December 4, 2023 2:46 pm
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Creating and sharing playlists on TikTok is not directly possible as of now. TikTok currently doesn't have a feature that allows users to create playlists like YouTube or Spotify. However, you can use a workaround to group similar videos together.

1. **Using Favorites**: You can use the "Favorites" feature to save videos you like. You can tap the share button on a video and then tap "Add to Favorites". You can then access these videos from your profile page by tapping the bookmark icon. However, this isn't a perfect solution as you can't create multiple playlists or share them with others.

2. **Creating Hashtags**: Another way to group videos is by creating a unique hashtag and using it on all the videos that you want to group together. This way, when you search for the hashtag, all the videos with it will be displayed together. This also allows others to use the hashtag and contribute to the "playlist".

3. **Using Duet or Stitch**: If you want to share a series of videos with others, you could use the Duet or Stitch features to incorporate parts of other videos into your own. This way, you can create a "playlist" of sorts by combining multiple videos into one.

Remember to respect copyright and community guidelines when sharing and creating content on TikTok.

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